Morocco Camel Trekking Adventure

Morocco Camel trekking Adventure  is an authentic experience that will enlighten you about  the nomad lifestyle of the native Moroccans who are also known as Berbers and enjoy a ride on a camel's back through the  Sahara desert sand dunes just like the old days where people used to travel in Caravans on the way to a desert camp where you will spend  a night in the middle of the Sahara desert and  gather around fire while  the locals play the music and waking up the next morning to a breathtaking sunrise over the wide fascinating Sahara desert landscape, right after you enjoy your breakfast we take the route back to the hotel in the nearest town " Merzouga "

1 Night
Camel Trekking Adventure Overnight in desert camp
2 Nights
Camel Trekking Adventure Visiting The Black Desert & Berber family
3 Nights
Camel Trekking Adventure Visiting The Oasis & Berber Family

    These Camel trekking adventures could be included with any of our   Morocco Tours 

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